Pioneer of the Day

Usually this window shows a pioneer who was born on today's date.
Unfortunately, there seems to be no such woman in the WFPP database.
If you know of a pioneer to whom this applies, please support the project by expanding the data.

Women have been working in film production all over the world. Many pioneers had various jobs in multiple countries. For an interactive overview click the button below.
Women held a variety of different positions in early film industries. Explore the different types via cluster visualizations,in addition to the many countries the woman worked in.
Do you want to find out when the pioneers lived? Just click the button below for an interactive timeline, which also allows you to add custom events in order to put the individual biographies into a greater historical context.
Women have had a big influence in filmm history since the very beginning. This dendrogram displays the numerous profession they hold in addition to the many subcategories. For a hierarchial overview click the button below.