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-BIS-Fogo is a joint project of German and Cape Verdian ​institutions and funded by the+BIS-Fogo is a joint German and Cape Verdian ​project ​funded by the [[https://​​en/​|German Academic Exchange Service]]
-[[https://​​en/​|{{https://​​presse/​pics/​DAAD_300-22_HKS44-100black.jpg|Logo of the German Academic Exchange Service ​(DAAD)}}]]+[[http://​​|{{:​graphics:​univc_logo.gif |Logo University Cabo Verde}}]] 
 +[[http://​​|{{ :​graphics:​phunima_logo_4c.gif|Logo Marburg University}}]] 
 +[[http://​​en?​locale=en|{{ :​graphics:​goethe-logo.gif |Logo Frankfurt University}}]] 
 +[[https://​​en/​|{{ https://​​presse/​pics/​DAAD_300-22_HKS44-100black.jpg |Logo of the German Academic Exchange Service}}]]
-{{:​graphics:​univc_logo.gif| }}  {{ :​graphics:​goethe-logo.gif| }} {{:​graphics:​phunima_logo_4c.gif |}} 
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