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 **The integrative biodiversity information and education resource for Fogo island, Cape Verde** **The integrative biodiversity information and education resource for Fogo island, Cape Verde**
-BIS-Fogo is work in progressStay up to date by following us on [[|{{​uploads/RTEmagicC_FB-f-Logo__blue_26.png.png|Facebook}}]] or [[|{{​26|Twitter @BISFogo}}]].+<​html>​ 
 +<table width="​100%"​ border="​0"​ cellspacing=""​ cellpadding="​10">​ 
 +  <​tr>​ 
 +    <td width="​50%"><​p align="​center"><​a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=bis:​information:​main"><​img src="​15144654402_7cd295345b_s.jpg"​ alt="​Information system icon" width="​75"​ height="​75"​ /></​a></​p>​ 
 +      <p align="​center"><​a href="​doku.php?​id=bis:​information:​main"><​strong>​Integrative Biodiversity Data <​br ​/
 +      </​strong></​a><​a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=bis:​information:​main"><​strong>​and Analysis System</​strong></​a></​p>​ 
 +<p align="​center"><​a href="​http://​​id=bis:​information:main">​Your one stop information resource<​/a></p> 
 +    <​p><​a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=bis:​information:​main">​Biodiversity data from field and remote sensing surveys accessible through an integrative and collaborative data base and analysis system.</​a></​p></​td>​ 
 +    <td width="​50%"><​p align="​center"><​a href="​http:/​/​doku.php?​id=learning:​information:​main"><​img src="​14958483547_a288c1a72a_s.jpg" alt="​Education system icon" width="​75"​ height="​75"​ /></​a></​p>​ 
 +      <p align="​center"><​a href="​http://​​doku.php?id=learning:​information:​main"><​strong>​Education and Training<​br /> 
 +        Resource System</​strong></​a></​p>​ 
 +<p align="​center"><​a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=learning:​information:​main">​Your self-learning resource.</​a></​p>​ 
 +    <​p><​a href="​http://​​doku.php?​id=learning:​information:​main">​Course modules from introductory to university level for selected topics on ecology, remote sensing and ecosystem informatics.</​a></​p></​td>​ 
 +  </​tr>​ 
-{{map>​https://​​3897/​14958163270_5142f5e78f_z.jpg|Components of BIS-Fogo}} 
-Type normal wiki markup here. Links will be automatically ​ 
-detected and used in the image map. 
-  * [[bis:​information:​main|Biodiversity information @ 18,​47,​312,​366]] 
-  * [[learning:​information:​main|Learning resources link @ 327,​47,​622,​366]] 
-The initial project phase of BIS-Fogo ​runs from 2014 to 2019 and encompasses two major domains: +BIS-Fogo ​is work in progress. Stay up to date by following us on [[https://​​BISFogo|Facebook]] or [[https://​​bisfogo|Twitter]]. 
-  - [[bis:information:​main|**Integrative biodiversity data and analysis system**]] | biodiversity data is collected in the field and by remote sensing and the data sets are included in an integrative and collaborative data base and analysis system as a one stop information recourse for the general public and decission makers+ 
-  - [[learning:information:main|**Learning resource system**]] | the information system component is complemented by educational resources providing self-learning modules from elementary to university level for selected topics on ecology and ecosystem informatics+===== Upcoming activities ===== 
 +BIS-Fogo ​is a joint German ​and Cape Verdian project funded ​by the [[https://​​en/​|German Academic Exchange Service]] 
 +[[http://​​|{{:​graphics:​univc_logo.gif |Logo University Cabo Verde}}]] 
 +[[http://​​|{{ :​graphics:​phunima_logo_4c.gif|Logo Marburg University}}]] 
 +[[http://​​en?​locale=en|{{ ​:graphics:​goethe-logo.gif ​|Logo Frankfurt University}}]] 
 +[[https://​​en/​|{{ https://​​presse/​pics/​DAAD_300-22_HKS44-100black.jpg |Logo of the German Academic Exchange Service}}]]
-BIS-Fogo is a joint project of German and Cape Verdian institutions and funded by the [[https://​​en/​|German Academic Exchange Service]] (read more). ​ 
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