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Remote sensing based land cover classification

BIS-Fogo post-graduate school 2016

Course Description

The course focuses on using remote sensing for land cover classification.

While the lecture notes introduce the respective subjects in a more general sense, the working sheets will use actual data from the 2015 field survey at Fogo island.

The individual sessions can be grouped into three sections:

  • Summary analysis of 2015 field survey data: in sessions 1 and 2, we will have a look on the 2015 field survey data set and perform some descriptive statistical analysis using R..
  • Land-cover classification: in sessions 3 and 4 we will explore and pre-process a remote sensing data set and use it for a land cover classification. This will also encompass the proper selection of training areas (also based on the 2015 field survey) and the appropriate training/testing protocols.
  • Story map and geodata explorer: in session 5 we will present the 2015 field survey data and the derived land-cover classification within the geodata explorer and story maps.

Have fun!

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