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D01-1: Story maps of the summer school 2016

This following page shows the story maps resulting from the natural science group at the BIS-School 2016 in Marburg.

Following the courses of the last two years, the group continued and intensified working with the statistical computing software environment “R”. This year’s two main objectives were:

1. Get a grasp on the newest field data (October 2015)

  • location of research sites
  • some general analyses of vegetation properties

2. produce a supervised land cover classification of Fogo based on remote sensing data

  • Based on Landsat 8 imagery
  • model based prediction with remote sensing

Natural Science Group: Mara Abu-Raya, Corrine Almeida, Herculano Dinis, Hanna Meyer, Insa Otte, Neusa Pinheiro, Lucileida Ramos, Henning Reinarz, Nevsky Rodriguez, Alice Ziegler

A story map about the descriptive data analysis of field survey data 2015

A story map about the land-cover classification of Fogo

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