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W02-2: Pico Pequeno eruptions 2014 – make your own story

Now that you've produced your first story map, we’re going to take it one step further. You'll now produce your own story map about the volcanic eruption of the Pico Pequeno on Fogo in 2014. In contrast to the previous story map, you will now conduct your own research, gather material and implement it into the story map – i.e. make your own story and then map it.

Possible topics for an individual story map could be “Natural or social disaster – the human dimensions of the eruption”, “International media reception”, “Impacts on protected areas”, “Impacts on biodiversity”, “What’s next?” or “??????”.

Things you need for this worksheet

Learning log assignments

:-? Re-read the lecture L02: Conceptual design of a story map. Review the basic questions about the conceptual design of story maps. :-? Write a script for your story map and consider the basic questions regarding the conceptual design of a story map. :-? Have a look at the materials M02-3: “Pico Pequeno eruptions 2014, revisited” and search for information and media applications which you will need for your story map. :-? Read the material M02-4 “Creating your own web map for a story map journal”. :-? Visit and select “Build a map journal”. After login, you will be redirected to the editor. :-? Create your own story map on the topic “Pico Pequeno eruptions 2014” with the texts, pictures, maps and videos you have selected.

If you experience problems while trying to produce your story map, especially with creating your own web map for a story map journal, see M02-4 “Creating your own web map for a story map journal” and/or ask the helpdesk.

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