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W02-1: Story map with ArcGIS Online

It's time to actually produce your first story map using ArcGIS Online. After completing this work-sheet you will have produced your first story map. The topic of the story map will be the volcanic eruption of the Pico Pequeno on Fogo in 2014.

Things you need for this worksheet

Learning log assignments

:-? If not done already, create yourself an appropriate user account at ESRI story maps.

:-? Visit ESRI story maps, login and select “Build a map journal” in order to be be redirected to the editor.

:-? Read the material M02-1 “Creating a Story Map Journal (ESRI)”

:-? Create a story map with the texts, pictures, maps and videos provided in material M02-2: Pico Pequeno eruptions 2014.

If you experience problems while trying to produce your story map, see M02-1: Creating a Story Map Journal (ESRI)

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