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W01-1: Analyzing a Story Map

For a warm up, this worksheet introduces two basic tenets of creating story maps. First, you will explore the different applications currently available for creating a story map. Next, you will select and closely analyze a particular story map for its strengths and weaknesses. After completing this worksheet you should know the different applications currently available for producing story maps and be able to analyze story maps based on different criteria for their creation.

Things you need for this worksheet

  • ESRI story map — as part of ArcGIS online, ESRI provides an app for easily creating story maps. As the time of this writing, non-commercial user accounts are free of charge. Please double check the present licensing information prior to using ArcGIS online for creating story maps using a free account.

Learning log assignments

:-? Different applications are recommended depending on the type of story map you want to create. Visit ESRI’s app store ( and compare the different apps that are available there (see also material M01-1).

:-? Every map is based on a meta-narrative. Maps have certain objectives, which range from the simple visualization of a road network to propaganda purposes. In other words, maps are always a subjective narrative of the world. Visit ESRI’s story map gallery (, choose a story map that stands out to you and use the following questions to analyze one story map:

  1. Which story map application did the author use? (Tour, Journal, Shortlist, Countdown, Playlist or Basic)
  2. What story is being told? (Topic and content, author(s))
  3. Who is the target audience of the story map? (Necessary background and context information of the user(s))
  4. What information is being communicated? (Geo data, map basics, factual information, etc.)
  5. Technical implementation (Quality of presentation, possibility of the usage of media, map basics, etc.)
  6. Who is the provider? (Free or commercial offer, access and software?)
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