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Story maps

BIS-Fogo post-graduate school 2015

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the concept of story maps and how to produce them using ArcGIS Online. To help you better understand the material, the eruption of the Pico Pequeno on Fogo, Cabo Verde in 2014 will serve as an overarching topic for this course.

First, let’s cover how this course is organized. Two brief lectures outline the different applications, providers and media that are currently available for creating story maps. We will also explore the basic technical and creative aspects for designing a story map. Each lecture is accompanied by worksheets to help you gain practical experience. In addition, there are support materials – both content-related and technical – for the worksheets. This means that each lecture (L), worksheet (W) and material sheet (M) numbered 01 and 02 are linked together. Finally, you will present the story maps that you create in the deliveries. In total, this course should take approximately one day or eight hours to complete.

Let’s get started with producing your first story map!

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