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M02-1: Creating a Story Map Journal (ESRI)

You can do the following in the Map Editor:

  • To start things off, choose one of two possible designs: floating or embedded text windows.
  • Give your map a descriptive title that explains its contents to your audience. Next, pick the content that you want to display first. This can be anything – another map, a picture, a video or a website.
  • Tip: Selecting a map is somewhat difficult:
    • Start by clicking on the main menu, and then Maps. Select “Web Maps” and embed it (you can create your own map for this beforehand, see below). Use “Position” to select the location of your map. You can do this either by clicking and dragging with your mouse or by using the search bar in the upper left corner of your screen. To drop a pin on a specific location, use the Map Editor tool (see below). “Content” shows you which layer of your map is displayed, while “Pop-Up” highlights a note previously placed on the map (see below) and automatically shows its description by clicking on the “Journal” function.
    • Use the floating window or side panel to edit and format the section’s title and description as well as insert pictures, etc. You can also link a piece of the description text to display a map, picture, video or website by highlighting the desired text and clicking “Action” in the main menu (under “Labels”).
  • To add additional points to the journal, go to “Add section” and follow the previous steps.
  • You can rearrange or delete sections in the “Organize” menu.
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