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 +====== W09-1 Plotting nicely ======
 +This worksheet revisits the plotting functions for a closer look on layout and labeling. After completing this worksheet you should know how to make plots which are fine for presentations.
 +===== Things you need for this worksheet =====
 +  * {{section>​en:​resources:​templates:​tools#​R environment&​inline}}
 +  * {{section>​en:​resources:​templates:​tools#​R studio&​inline}}
 +  * your script and data from [[en:​learning:​schools:​s01:​worksheets:​ba-ws-06-1|W06-1 Leave-one-out validation]]
 +===== Learning log assignments =====
 +:!: The following script is build on top of your script from [[en:​learning:​schools:​s01:​worksheets:​ba-ws-06-1|W06-1]]. Please copy your script "​W06-1.R",​ rename the copy to "​W09-1.R"​ and use it for the programming tasks of this worksheet.
 +Enough of'​s all about looks now!!! 8-)
 +:-\ Please make a scatter plot which shows the predicted vs. observed animal activity values. As you can easily see, there is much space for improvement.
 +:-\ First of all we want to change those nasty axis names. Let's do the scatter plot again and use the arguments "​xlab"​ and "​ylab"​ within the function plot() to get user defined axis titles.
 +:-\ Of course a title would be nice, too. The argument for that within the function plot() is "​main"​. ​
 +:-\ Now...let'​s be creative. Get some inspiration on [[http://​​advgraphs/​parameters.html]] and then come back to change the color of your symbols.
 +:-\ You can also add a legend using the function legend(). ​
 +:-\ Finally, add a diagonal line, where the observed equals the predicted value. ​
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