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Biodiversity data analysis with R






C09-4 - Visualization (traps)

The following examples highlight certain traps of visualizing data and by far do not provide a complete overview.

Example: xy plot

Be careful with interpretations and keep in mind that the x-axis generally shows the independent variable while the dependent variable is on the y-axis (and thanks to RR for the idea)!

Example: data visualization with color

Visualization of the wind field in a vineyard with different color schemes. Please note that depending on the actual scheme, certain features are highlighted while others fade away. In addition, not all color pallets are b/w compatible (data from and visualization by Tim Appelhans).

Example: data visualization with animations

Animations look nice and they generally fool us into thinking that we get a lot of information from them. Let's look at some others.

Hence, be careful with animations. There is something called inattentional blindness and most likely, you as an analyzer or your audience will fail in getting all information from the animation.

For more information on the subject of inattentional blindness see e.g. ERROR: Zotero entry with cite key Mack2003 not found. or have a look at web space of the invisible gorilla.

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