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Post-graduate winter school resources

As part of the research component of BIS-Fogo, annual post-graduate schools are organized which accompany the different working packages required to finally bring BIS-Fogo to life. Each post-graduate school focuses on one topic and the individual topics built on each other. Hence, you should be familiar with the learning targets from the previous schools before taking part in another one.

Since the number of on sight participants is heavily limited, the school topics are also available as online courses which do not only provide lecturing notes and worksheets but also sample solutions for each assignment. Feel free to test your competences as part of your self-studies.

To start with, select a school of your choice below.

Ecological data analysis with R — BIS-Fogo school 2014
The school of 2014 covers the design and implementation of ecological field samplings and the subsequent analysis and visualization of sampled biodiversity data. In addition, participants will become familiar with the R programming language which will be used to compute all analysis.
Story maps — BIS-Fogo school 2015
The school of 2015 continues the utilization of R for interactive data analysis and visual analytics but additionally introduces story maps as an expressive tool for telling geographically related stories.
Remote sensing based land cover classification — BIS-Fogo school 2016
The school of 2016 will use data from previous field surveys as well as remote sensing data to create a land cover map of Fogo.
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