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Activity 09: Tongue of Cow

Threats for the Tongue of Cow

Objective: Discussing aspects of biodiversity in a political context using the plant Tongue of Cow.
Learning outcomes: Create a sensibility for importance of biodiversity and community politics.
Previous knowledge: None
Duration: 45 minutes
Materials / Conditions: Internet access
Methods / Techniques: Extract informations and discuss them.
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 3: Analysis / Level: Expert Learning

Let´s discuss the Tongue of Cow in your environment.

Read the following texts and…
1. Describe where this plant grows and what it is used for.
2. What makes this plant so special? 2. Figure out the problems that are correlated with this plant.
Who are the groups of people involved?
- What do they want? And why do they want it?
3. Make a plan on how the community should deal with this issue.


Possible results / Results:
1. Echium vulcanorum is used for the production of firewood (dry wood that will be burned), as well as for animal feeding.
2. When humans keep goats and use it for burning, the number of plants decreases rapidly. So now, this species is seriously threatened.

Related activities:
*Write down if you have already seen this plant in your environment. (Module 1 / Activity 1)
*Describe the plant and then draw it. (Module 1 / Activity 1)
*Explain why exactly it is called the “tongue of cow”. (Module 2 / Activity 1)
*Describe the plant and point out the conditions for where it grows. (Module 2 / Activity 1)

Author: Klaus Herrmann

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