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Activity 09: Tongue of Cow

Meeting the Tongue of Cow”

Objective: Going outside to learn more about the “tongue of cow” in its environment.
Learning outcomes: Learners figure out the reason for its name, identify the plant´s suitable spots and surroundings.
Previous knowledge: None
Duration: 30 minutes
Materials / Conditions: Plant “tongue of cow” is existing in the nearby environment.
Methods / Techniques: Observation on the field.
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module II: Field Sampling / Level: Advanced Learning

When you go outside and find the “tongue of cow” you might get to know something more about it.

Take a look at the pictures.

Fogo-Echium_vulcanorum Echium_vulcanorum

Licences:CC BY-SA 3.0

1. Now go outside and look for this plant: Can you find it? Explain what you recon, why it is called the “tongue of cow”.
2. Describe the plant in its details and point out the conditions of where it is growing.

A plant in real world.

Possible results / Results:
1. The feel of its rough leaves leads to the conclusion of its name.
2. It is tall a green shrub with many branches. The stems are covered with many hairs. The leaves are pointed at both ends up to 10 cm long and 1.5 wide. The flowers are white and have blue stripes on it. It exists generally in places facing to the southwest or the southeast. It prefers soils with a recent volcanic origin.

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Author: Klaus Herrmann

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