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Activity 07: Herbarium

Identifying plant families of one’s own herbarium

Objective: Identifying different plant families on the basis of their characteristic features.
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to acquire the characteristics of plant families independently, they’re able to identify individual species on the basis of those characteristics and name their families.
Previous knowledge: Basic knowledge of creating one’s own herbarium and knowledge of the identification of species.
Duration: approx.45 min
Materials / Conditions: Internet
Methods / Techniques: Individual work, description, identification
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 3: Collection, processing and analysis of environmental data / Level: advanced learning

According to their individual characteristics, plants are divided into classes, subclasses, orders, families, subfamilies, genera and species. In most cases, this systematics comes with fixed suffixes:
Class: -opsida (Magnoliopsida)
Subclass: -idae (Rosidae)
Order: -ales (Rosales)
Family: -aceae (Rosaceae)
Subfamily: -oidae (Maloidae)
There are no suffixes determined for genera and species.

1. Search the internet for characteristics of the following plant families and take notes:: Lamiaceae- Labiate, Papaveraceae- poppy family, Asteraceae- composite plants
Search for plants that carry these features and take one with you. Note: you must not pick endangered plants. You are also not allowed to pick plants in a protected area!

2. Take notes of all of your plant’s features e.g. hair on the petals, number and color of petals etc.

3. Identify the plant’s family on the basis of the features you identified and create a label featuring the following information: family, location, gatherer, date.

4. Dry your plant and attach it to a piece of paper, together with your label.

Researching the internet

Possible results / Results:
• Gathering information on one’s own
• Identifying plant families

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Author: Janina Dorothée Beck
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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