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Activity 07: Conflicts of nature conservation in Fogo

Conflicting use and protective measures

Objective: Tracking down conflicting use and protective measures on Fogo
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to extract information from a text and increase their awareness of the variety in nature and culture in different living environments
Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge required
Duration: 40 min
Materials / Conditions: Text (cf. Resources)
Methods / Techniques: analyzing text
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: First contact

The local population’s livelihood on Fogo is threatened as the limits oft he ecological service capacity have been reached. But how can one meet resulting threats?

1. Read Text 1 and answer the following question: How is the population of Fogo’s livelihood threatened and which results does the ecological use have for nature and man?

2. Read text 2 and answer the following question: Which protective measures are suggested in the text?

3. Together with others, discuss whether the situation described in both texts is accurate or whether there’s another way to describe the situation?

Text 1:
On the island of Fogo the only places to find natural vegetation are located within higher altitudes. The destruction of natural vegetation took place due to the cultivation of crops for agriculture, extensive pasturing through goats and unlimited collection of firewood, resulting in a threat to various endemic plant and animal species. Additionally, soil erosion increases through human action, which again leads to a decrease in yields for the local population as it leads to a loss of soil which could be used for agricultural activities.

Text 2:
In order to fight the recession of natural vegetation on Fogo, there are different starting-points. One of them is the cultivation of endemic plant species in nurseries. Additionally, a protected area of 70 km² is established and tourism will be promoted. The unique landscape on Fogo and the traditional way of life made the area something very special. The focus will lie on eco-tourism promoting an interest in diverse and original nature. The aim is not only to protect plants and animals threatened with extinction but also to ensure the local population’s living conditions through a sustainable use of resources.

Translation taken from: Leyens, T. 2001: Biodiversität des geplanten Schutzgebietes auf der Insel Fogo / Kap Verde; Ausarbeitung von Programmen und Maßnahmen zu ihrem nachhaltigen Schutz; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH; Eschborn. Online: Portugiesische Ausgabe: Leyens, T. (2001): Biodiversidade da prevista área protegida na Ilha do Fogo, Cabo Verde

Possible results / Results:
Nr. 1
- Threats: cultivation, extensive goat breeding and uncontrolled collecting of firewood
- results: threat of endemic plant and animal species, soil erosion
Nr. 2
- protective measures: cultivation of endemic species in nurseries, establishing a protected area, ecotourism, sustainable use of resources

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Author: Svea Dordel
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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