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Activity 07: Conflicts of nature conservation in Fogo

Role-play on the topics of conflicting use and protective measures

Objective: changing perspectives; understanding correlations; taking over positions and defending them through appropriate arguments; social learning; dealing with others‘ opinions and arguments; discussing starting points for change.
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to evaluate professional statements and judgements on the basis of selected examples. In a discussion, they’re able to get to an independent opinion and/or to make a compromise.
Previous knowledge: Learners are familiar with the topic conflicting use in a protected area on Fogo (cf. “first contact”: conflicting use and protective measures; “advanced learning”: conflicting use in a national park)
Duration: 90 min.
Materials / Conditions: cf. Resources section
Methods / Techniques: depicting, reasoning, judging, discussing
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: expert learning

A protected areas is supposed to be established on Fogo. In this context, different stakeholders have various interests they want to defend. Learners adopt different roles in the context of a role-play. (cf. Resources and Instruction).

1. Preparation
- Read the text to prepare for the role-play (cf. Resources)

2. Form six groups (Company that prepares the concepts, Members of NGOs on Fogo, members of the Fogo local government, members of the future protected area administration, members of agricultural cooperatives on Fogo (e.g. viniculture cooperative) and members of the tourism industry)
- Prepare for the role-play using information from the following webpage:
- Collect arguments within you gruoup to support your roles‘ opinions
- Gather your arguments on a piece of paper
- Chose a speaker to represent your group during the discussion
- Chose a leader who will host the discussion (teacher or student)

3. Performance
- The groups‘ speakers assemble around a table; the other group members sit in front and take notes
- The company presents its concept for the new protected area. The leader opens and hosts the discussion.

4. Reflection
- Which arguments made most sense to you?
- Is there a solution to the problem? Are there any new insights? Were new alternatives developed?

Text for preparing the roleplay:

Together with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), Cabo Verde’s government wants to establish the protected area Cha das Caldeiras on Fogo, as there are several environmental problems present on Fogo:
On the island of Fogo the only places to find natural vegetation are located within higher altitudes. The destruction of natural vegetation took place due to the cultivation of crops for agriculture, extensive pasturing through goats and unlimited collection of firewood, resulting in a threat to various endemic plant and animal species. Additionally, soil erosion increases through human action, which again leads to a decrease in yields for the local population as it leads to a loss of soil which could be used for agricultural activities.
In order to fight the decrease of natural vegetation on Fogo, a protected area will be established at Cha das Caldeiras. At the same time, tourism will be promoted while the focus will lie on eco-tourism promoting an interest in diverse and original nature. The aim is not only to protect plants and animals threatened with extinction but also to ensure the local population’s living conditions through a sustainable use of resources.

(Tranlation taken from:
Leyens, T. 2001: Biodiversität des geplanten Schutzgebietes auf der Insel Fogo / Kap Verde; Ausarbeitung von Programmen und Maßnahmen zu ihrem nachhaltigen Schutz; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH; Eschborn. Online: Portugiesische Ausgabe: Leyens, T. (2001): Biodiversidade da prevista área protegida na Ilha do Fogo, Cabo Verde)

Now, the government of Cabo Verde asks a company to create a concept for the protected area and to present it to the newly-established „Committee for creating a protected area on Fogo“. There are different interest groups represented in this committee:

• Members of NGOs on Fogo
• Members of the local government
• Members of the future protected area administration
• Members of agricultural cooperatives on Fogo
• Members of the Fogo tourism industry

Your task is now to present your concept to the „Committee for creating a protected area on Fogo“ for discussion. You should be prepared for a tough discussion as there are conflicting ideas on the design and features of such a protected area.

Possible results / Results:
- Learners deal with their roles‘ position and attitued and take notes of arguments
- Speakers take part in the discussion
- They provide arguments for their opinions and reflect on their results

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Author: Svea Dordel
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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