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Activity 04: Nature conservation and media

Environmental protection and media

Objective: Learners analyze the media-based representation of alleged sustainable products
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to evaluate information with respect to their value in answering a certain question. They are able to give their opinion with respect to different statements and their societal implications.
Previous knowledge: : Basic knowledge of economic and political correlations on different levels.
Duration: 50 min.
Materials / Conditions: internet access
Methods / Techniques: observing, research, creating a concept map, reflexivity
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: expert learning

Climate change demands a change in human energy supply. Besides different forms of energy collection through wind, water or sun, an alternative to fossil fuels is also needed. For several years, so called bio fuels, e.g. produced from corn, have been added to traditional fuels. There are several cars that use biofuels exclusively. It seems a substitute for fossil fuels has been discovered.

1.Search for pictures on a search engine typing in the term „biofuel“. Take a look at the results and answer the following questions: Which colors/motives/words can be seen often? What kind of image is created in relation to biofuels through these pictures?

2. Do research on what biofuels really are. Note down their pros and cons in a table.

3. Create a concept map that displays which stakeholders profit from biofuels and which negative effects their use has on certain groups of society. Take a look at the terms listed in the resources section and think about relations between the different items. Draw lines with short explanations written next to them to visualize correlations. You can also add items you regard as being important and leave out those to which you can’t figure out any correlation.

Terms for creating a concept map:
• Peasants, that possess small plots only
• Great land owners
• Car producers
• Countries selling arable land to big corporations (land grabbing)
• Corporations producing biofuels
• Agricultural price/ land trade
• Consumers of biofuels
• Local population
• Loss of soil quality
• Increase in corn price

Possible results / Results:
1. The colors green and yellow are visible; often pictures of a gas station and a fuel nozzle with green leaves growing out of it; pictures of fields or the earth; words used: climate friendly, climate neutral; biofuels seem to be very environment friendly and climate neutral.

2. Advantages: renewable resource, decreased use of fossil fuels, crops can be used as nutrition in case of food shortage, new source of income for farmers… Disadvantages: bad energy balance, clearing for arable land, increased water demand, increase in the use of fertilizers leads to a decrease in water quality, increase in corn price on the world market…..

3. Concept map showing the different correlations.

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Author: Suna Elden
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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