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Activity 08: Improvement of Biodiversity

Supportive measures for the protection of species

Objective: Learners receive information on how to protect species diversity by applying measures that ensure their survival.
Learning outcomes: : Learners are able to describe pictures and analyze and assess the depicted objects‘ functions. They are able to take part in discussions and come to a reasonable opinion.
Previous knowledge: none
Duration: 40 min
Materials / Conditions: Pictures (cf. Resources section)
Methods / Techniques: description, analysis, pair work, discussion, creative thought
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: advanced learning

There are several ways to protect species. One is to provide spaces where animals can survive, this also includes the provision of nutrition which may also be fundamental to their survival.

1. Take a look at the pictures (Material 1). What kind of support do these equipment offer?

2. Hotel for insects: a lot of help in little space! How can one prevent competition between species? Can you make out similar structures at your home that could provide shelter for animals?

3. You are responsible for the animals in your environment, that’s why you also put your garbage into designated garbage cans. Together with a partner imagine and act out the following situation: You are on your way to school and s/he drops a piece of plastic on the ground. Now, you want to explain why this is a threat, not only to your direct environment and animals/plants therein, but also to places further off, as the garbage might be carried away by wind (Take a look at the pictures in Material 2, first).

Material 1:

Material 2:

Possible results / Results:
1. Possibilities for nesting, nutrition, places to live, protection
2. different entrances and structures prevent competition
3. animals can feed on garbage or get caught in it death; plants can be covered and dry out; burden to nature as plastic cannot be decomposed

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Author: Samira Marschal
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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