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Activity 07: Conflicts of nature conservation in Fogo

Conflicting use in a national park

Objective: describing, understanding and representing correlations
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to transform information into different forms of visualization and apply their geographic knowledge to evaluate geographically relevant events, problems and risks.
Previous knowledge: Module 2
Duration: 60 min
Materials / Conditions: Figure (cf. Resources)
Methods / Techniques: visualizing, matching, describing, creating, reasoning
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: advanced learning

The natural vegetation on Fogo has mostly been repressed, which is a threat for the local population’s agricultural livelihood. In order to prevent further damage, there are different approaches. However, there are different local groups with conflicting interests.

Create a concept map on the topic:
Conflicting use in a national park using the example Cha des Caldeiras auf Fogo

1. Take a look at the different statements and terms
2. Think about links between those items and draw lines for these links.
3. Note a short explanation next to each line and use arrows to mark the relation’s „direction“
4. You can add items that seem important to you or leave out those to which you can’t match any other item.

• Bedding out agriculturally important endemic species
• Revitalization of traditional arts and crafts (animal fur, processing of volcanic rocks etc.)
• Processing agricultural products (milk, cheese, lamb)
• Ensuring the people’s natural livelihood
• Main source of income: agriculture & livestock farming
• Natural resources as a source for livestock nutrition
• Use of land for livestock farming
• Plant diversity
• Plant conservation
• Use of land for agriculture
• Protecting threatened species from extinction
• Protection of natural processes
• Functioning ecosystems
• Extensive fruit-growing and viniculture
• Unique landscape (caldera and volcano)
• Ecotourism
• Protection of the area’s natural values
• Extensive goat breeding
• Excessive collection of firewood
• No adaption of plant production
• Pressure on resources
• Ambiguous land use rights

Translation taken from
Leyens, T. 2001: Biodiversität des geplanten Schutzgebietes auf der Insel Fogo / Kap Verde; Ausarbeitung von Programmen und Maßnahmen zu ihrem nachhaltigen Schutz; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH; Eschborn. Online:, Portugiesische Ausgabe: Leyens, T. (2001): Biodiversidade da prevista área protegida na Ilha do Fogo, Cabo Verde

Possible results / Results:
E.g. Natural resources are used as animal nutrition but should be protected at the same time. There’s a high pressure on resources due to the excessive collection of firewood, extensive goat breeding and broad fruit-growing and viniculture.

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Author: Svea Dordel
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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