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Activity 06: Classification of protected areas in Cabo Verde

How and why is the environment protected at „Reserva Natural Tartaruga“?

Objective: Human influence as a threat to „Reserva Natural Tartaruga“ and targets of its protection. Features of a Reserva Natural.
Learning outcomes: On the basis of the example „Reserva Naturai Tartaruga” of the protected area Curral Velho, learners are able to estimate which targets go along with the protection of the area and of ocean turtles, in how far humans are a threat and which features are characteristic of a Reserva Natural.
Previous knowledge: Knowledge of the classification of protected areas in Cabo Verde
Duration: 45 min.
Materials / Conditions: Text (cf. Resources section) and internet
Methods / Techniques: text comprehension, text production, searching the internet.
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: Advanced learning

“Reserva Natural Tartaruga“ is one of many protected areas in Cabo Verde. Ocean turtles are increasingly threatened by human intervention there. What action is taken to prevent/decrease further harm? Why is this protected area a „Reserva Natural“?

a) Read the text and try to define features of a Reserva Natural. Afterwards, compare your results with the information given on and complete your results.

Why and how is environmental protection carried out at „Reserva Natural Tartaruga“?

The aims of protecting Curral Velho are to preserve beaches as breeding grounds for ocean turtles, maintaining wetlands and salty soils for shorebirds, migrant birds and the seabird colonies of Ponta do Roque and of the cliffs of Morro Negro.
The protected area consists of more than 1.439 hectares land area und 13.436 hectares sea area. The boundaries of Curral Velho lie beyond that of ocean turtles and of the protection zone (300 m).
Killing through humans is the highest threat of ocean turtles. Although there is legal protection as well as public surveillance at the beach, there are continuous traces of dead turtles in the sea or at the shore. Other factors threatening these reptiles are the erection of housing complexes and the artificial illumination of beaches that influence the animals‘ reproduction.
Garbage at the beaches and the shore is an additional threat for turtles, which is a global issue nowadays. The ecosystem’s destruction also has an influence on the persistence of shorebirds on Boa Vista. The presence of humans, noise and environmental pollution influence the birds’ habitat. However, the biggest threat for Rabo-de-junco (aethereus Phaethon) is cats stealing eggs from the birds‘ nests.

(Source: Translated losely from: Escritório Insular de Conservação da Boa Vista (2012). Modelo Simple. Imagens de modelos por gaffera. Tecnologia do Blogger: Accesses on 11/08/15

Possible results / Results:
Criteria of a Reserva Natural
= A natural space that‘s of a specific ecologial and economic interest.
It followes specific rules for protection and aims at preserving and re-establishing the natural space.
There are 3 categories:
- Integrated R.N.
- Partial R.N.
- Temproal R.N.

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Author: Shirin Doustmohammadian und Vanessa Hofmann
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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