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Activity 04: Nature conservation and media

Environemntal protection and media

Objective: This unit deals with the (self) portrayal of environmental organizations in different media
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to critically reflect on the (self) portrayal of environmental organizations in media.
Previous knowledge: none
Duration: 40 min.
Materials / Conditions: Internet access
Methods / Techniques: description, evaluation, research, discussion
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module 2: Biodiversity and environmental protection / Level: advanced learning

Environmental organizations aim at protecting and preserving environment and wildlife and they promote sustainable developments. Depending on their focus, these organizations work in different ways. NGOs mostly receive their money through donations, volunteers and partnerships with companies. The individual organization is only able to reach its goals when it has sufficient money at hand. In order to gain a lot of attention a high profile in the media is very important.

1. Go the WWF’s webpage: Take a look at the website and take notes concerning the following aspects:
a) Is the webpage multilingual and therefore accessible internationally?
b) Which types of representation and topics are most dominant?
c) Which other channels, besides this website, is the WWF also present in and for what reasons?

2. Gather the following information on the WWG:
a) Who is the WWF? b) What are its motives and interests?
c) Are those interests communicated transparently?

3. Take a look at the WWF’s cooperation with companies: and discuss advantages and disadvantages of environmental organizations cooperating with companies.
4. Coca Cola is also a partner of WWF. Read the following article: How would you assess the cooperation between Coca Cola and WWF?


Possible results / Results:
a) Webpages for many countries and in several languages
b) many pictures with little text, many hints of how one can support WWF.
c) WWF is present on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)

a) Environmental organization that tries to protect many animal species globally.
b) Focused on endangered animals that deserve more attention, wants to preserve biodiversity hot-spots, create and improved environment for a better future
c) seems to be very transparent

3. Advantages: financial support and media attention, they can also ensure the companies‘ sustainability; disadvantages: financial dependence, WWF probably has to make compromises.

4. Coca Cola exploits many resources as one can see e.g. at the water supply in India, a cooperation between these two actors can be assessed critically

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Author: Suna Elden
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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