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Activity 10: Biological invasion

Who gets eaten by whom?

Objective: Recognizing and describing interrelations of species and their environment
Learning outcomes: Learners are able to draw food webs and explain the terms producers, consumers and destruents. They are able to explain effects of adding species to an ecosystem.
Previous knowledge: Forest ecosystem, living beings
Duration: 30 min.
Materials / Conditions: poster with forest ecosystem, pens
Methods / Techniques: Communication, Creative thinking
Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module I: Introduction to biodiversity / Level: First contact

There are many different animals and plants in the forest ecosystem that feed on different nutrition. Based on their nutrition, those species are interrelated in food chains and materials cycles. But who gets eaten by whom? How does the ecosystem change if new species are introduced to it?

1. Think of an animal and write down what it feeds on and by whom it gets eaten.
2. Paint your animal’s food chain on the ecosystem forest poster and describe it in your own words.
3. Add a species and think of the effects this has onto the ecosystem.


Possible results / Results:
1. drawing a food chain
2. depends on the individual student
3. food supply will either decrease or increase, depending on the type of species that’s introduced.

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Author: Gamze Ensaroglu
Aus dem Deutschen übersetzt von Jana Prokaka

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