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Activity 06: Hotspots of Biodiversity in Cabo Verde

Environmental factors and biodiversity hotspots in Cabo Verde

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Learning subject: Biodiversity / Module I: Introduction to biodiversity / Level: Advanced Learning

There are several environmental factors that influence biodiversity hotspots in Cabo Verde. In this unit, you will analyze these factors.

1. Analyze the table below (cf. Material 1 Resources section) and discuss the interrelation of the following factors: Area, Maximum Altitude, Rural Population, Taxa, Endemic Taxa und Exclusive Endemics.

Material 1: Geophysical, ecological and floristic features of Cabo Verde

Possible results / Results:
The area is the most important factor influencing the amount of taxa, endemic taxa and exclusive taxa. However, the table shows that the area is not the crucial factor alone, altitude is also important. The higher the altitude on an island, the more taxa, endemic taxa and exclusive taxa exist due to different climatic zones and differences in precipitation. Nevertheless, area and altitude are not the only factors explaining the amount of taxa, endemic taxa and exclusive taxa in Cabo Verde entirely. One does also have to take human interference into consideration, who plays and important role in the influence on the amount and structure of the various categories of taxa. Natural vegetation decreases due to forestation, introduction of foreign species, collecting firewood, deforestation, collecting herbs, agriculture and the shrinking of free space through an increase in tourism, work and living space.

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Author: Jan-Philipp Rumpold
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