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Learning activities for schools, teachers and the public

If this is your first visit, you can check this overview on how to learn with BIS-Fogo.

The table below shows the topics of the different subjects. To start with, select a topic of your choice from the sidebar.

Biodiversity Digital Geomedia Citizenship
Introduction to ecosystem functioning Introduction to the GIS & technology domain Community life
Biodiversity and protected areas Communication and participation using geomedia Participation
Analysis of ecological data sets Reflexive analysis of geomedia Analysis of spatial planning and management

The learning activities are worked out and translated in a joint cooperation between students of the University of Cabo Verde and the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main under the supervision of Maria Estrella, Olavo Cardoso, Ernania Fortes, Corinne Almeida and Detlef Kanwischer. David Burger, Klaus Herrmann and Sandra Schöffer are responsible for the technical implementation of the activities in the BIS.

Many thanks to the students for their great work and commitment!

General notes: The BIS-Courses are work-in-progress. The first modules will be online by early 2015.

The learning subjects, modules and activities are optimized for the usage of Firefox Browser.

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