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How to learn with BIS-Fogo

The education and training resource of BIS-Fogo aims on virtually anybody.

Hence, no matter if you are citizen with a general interested in man-biosphere interactions, a pupil or student from primary to university level with an curricular component in ecology and geography or a teacher or lecturer looking for teaching material or advanced training.

To facilitate one education resource for such a wide audience, a highly modular learning component is designed. Let's have a closer look on it.


On the highest level, the education and training resource of BIS-Fogo comprises three different subjects: Biodiversity, Digital Geomedia and Citizenship.

For each subject you find three modules, one for each of the three consecutive levels. In turn, each module is divided into three sections: (I) first contact, (II) advanced learning, and (III) expert learning. The learning content of these three sections thus corresponds to an educational level suitable for the general public and primary school (first contact), general public and lower secondary school (advanced learning) and general public and higher secondary school (expert learning).

For your learning activity this provides a great deal of choices. First of all, you can start with whatever subject you want. Within this subject you can choose any level as your entry point provided that you are familiar with the main learning objectives of the modules from the lower levels within the chosen subject. To support you in this decisions, each module includes a short summary on the prior knowledge assumptions which correspond to the learning objectives of the respective lower-level modules.

Within your module of choice you should generally start with the first section (first contact) no matter if you are a citizen who only want to work through this introduction and stop after it or a student who will finally finish the entire module with the application section. Of course the same logic applies for pupil at school. As a general recommendation, just work through each section of your module starting with the first one until you reach your section of choice.

Let's get started!

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