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Structure of BIS-Fogo

The top-level BIS-Fogo web space is based on DokuWiki.

Wikis are collaborative web services which allow the creation and modification of content also for the computer science laity. Please study the information carefully to ensure a well structured and consistent web space.

Top-level structure

The public domain of BIS-Fogo encompasses (i) the biodiversity information system component and (ii) the education component. In addition, a special data section, some general information and the internal information and staging domain complement the web space.

Organization by namespaces

The individual pages are organized and grouped by namespaces. You can think of namespaces as a hierarchical structure similar to the folder structure on your computer.

Namespaces are used for both to facilitate the maintenance of this web space and - much more important - to control access and editing rights of the content. Therefore, choosing the right namespace structure is crucial and requires some degree of experience and an up-to-date overview of the concept of this web space. Hence: higher level namespaces should only be defined by the core administration group.

Identifying the actual namespace is easy. Just have a look at the tab of this site in the upper right corner. It states internal:information:structure. This means that this site is part of the top-level namespace internal which encompasses at least the sub-namespace information. The site itself has the name structure. Hence, the general structure of this information is


Another way to identify the present namespace is to have a look in the address bar of your web browser. Just have a look again: it states where the namespace/file name information is following the id= tag.

For more details see the DokuWiki documentation on namespaces.

The following overview shows you the namespaces currently existing in BIS-Fogo:

It is vital for the collaborative work with and maintenance of the web space that your editing complies with the namespace conventions. If you are in doubt: ask!
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