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Eruption of Pico Pequeno in 11/2014

Pico Pequeno, the vulcanic crater of the 1995 eruption of Pico do Fogo has become active on November 23rd 2014. As the time of this writing, the vulcano is still active.

The map shows the status of the active lava flow as of November 24th 2014 derived from Landsat 8.

The lava flow is approaching the headquater of the Fogo natural park (green cross) which has been seriously damaged later on November 24th 2014.

As of November 28th 2014, the lava flow has reached the outskirts of Chã das Caldeiras, a small town located west of Pico do Fogo.

Updated information can be found on our Facebook page.

Note on the map: The lava flow has been identified using a threshold value of 263.3 K for band 10 and 13.1 Watts /( m2 srad μm) for band 7 of an atmospherically uncorrected Landsat 8 scene from 2014-11-24.

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