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About BIS-Fogo

BIS-Fogo logo

BIS-Fogo is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service.

The initial project phase runs from 2014 to 2017.

BIS-Fogo is jointly organized by

For a more detailed overview, see [Kanwischer2014].

Components of BIS-Fogo

BIS-Fogo encompasses two major domains:

  1. Integrative biodiversity data and analysis system | biodiversity data is collected in the field and by remote sensing and the data sets are included in an integrative and collaborative data base and analysis system as a one stop information recourse for the general public and decision makers.
  2. Learning resource system | the information system component is complemented by educational resources providing self-learning modules from elementary to university level for selected topics on ecology and ecosystem informatics

For more information on the learning domain, start here or navigate through the sidebar on your left.

For more information on the data and analysis domain, start here or navigate through the sidebar on your left.

 Logos of the participating universities

Logo of the German Academic Exchange Service

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