The STEMsalabim software aims to provide accurate STEM image simulation of a specimen whose atomic structure is known. It implements the frozen lattice multislice algorithm as described in great detail in the book Advanced Computing in Electron Microscopy by Earl J. Kirkland.

While there are multiple existing implementations of the same technique, none of them is suitable for running on HPC clusters, which is required in order to simulate large supercells or large sets of simulations, e.g. for parameter sweeps.

The purpose of STEMsalabim is to fill this gap by providing a multislice implementation that is well parallelizable both within and across computing nodes, using a mixture of threaded parallelization and MPI.


STEMsalabim is distributed as is without warranty. We hope that it is of use for the scientific community.

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Responsible author:
Dr. Jan Oliver Oelerich
Faculty of Physics and Materials Science Center
Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg